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Delicious, creamy and tasty: here is the range of SOUPERCUPS flavors

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Lots of flavors, all good and wholesome: Soupercups offers a carefully selected range of delicious soups, broken down by taste and nutritional benefits. Pick a different one each day!


SouperCups: the world’s most genuine quick meal! Tasty, portable: Sips of real World goodness!



Remove the aluminum seal…



Add boiling water  up to the line…



Stir well…



Enjoy your Soupercups  as and where you wish!

Tomato soup

A concentrate of vitality

A highly refreshing soup, perfect as a nutritious and complete first course. A fun idea for healthy eating, with a careful eye
on taste and well-being! Tomatoes, one of the healthiest vegetables, containing antioxidants, cholesterol inhibiting agents and very few calories. A perfect food for healthy eating; it helps stabilize glycemia and blood pressure, constituting
a veritable elixir of youth.



Vegetable soup

Genuine freshness

This is the best-known and most popular soup. A light, nutritious elixir. A rainbow of flavors, high in health benefits and low in fats.
A combination of the different categories of vegetables, with all their vital nutritional benefits, it stimulates the metabolism and helps shed pounds while regulating the digestive system and reinforcing the body’s own natural immune system.

Pumpkin and carrot soup

A longevity elixir

A sophisticated mix of ingredients, featuring beta-carotene, pumpkin and carrots. It represents a natural anti-aging tonic, combating cellular aging. The high percentages of vitamins A and C bolters the system’s natural immunity, imbuing the skin with afresh, luminous appearance, while lowering cholesterol and hypertension.



Broccoli soup

A burst of energy

A tasty cream soup that is sure to please old and young, alike. Beneficial for the heart and liver, but aggressive against tumors, it warms the spirit while fortifying the body!
Broccoli, rich in vitamins A, C and E, is a natural ally of the immune system. Its low caloric value and high percentage of fiber makes it a highly recommended component of any weight-loss regime.

Mushroom soup

A tonic of youth

A delicious, healthy soup boasting a unique taste. Mushrooms constitute a veritable natural antibiotic, helping to reinforce the body’s own natural immune system. Rich in protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and minerals, mushrooms contain vitamins A, B, D, P and K. An excellent substitute for meat, they heighten resistance to disease, providing protection against heart attacks and vascular diseases.




Good mood

The principal ingredients of Borscht, the celebrated Russian dish, are beets. This is a soup designed to reinforce the immune system, while promoting the well-being of the entire system.
The presence of vitamin C and the flavonoids found in beets, serves to reinforce the capillaries, contributing to keeping the cardiovascular system healthy. Rich in potassium and fiber, it is good for the digestion.

Lentil soup

Strength and lightness

A unique, creamy flavor. Lentils are the most digestible legumes and contain the greatest amount of antioxidants. This is a perfect soup for weight-loss diets.
Lentils contain very little sugar and are rich in fiber, iron and folic acid. They are therefore very good for all of us, because they help to keep weight down, while lowering blood pressure.



Chicken Soup

A healthy pampering

Chicken soup is light and nutritious; it’s a classic of
practically every cuisine in the world, thanks to it unique flavor. Fill up on good health! Chicken broth is rich in protein, mineral salts and vitamins, a source of strength and energy. It is often utilized as a crucial element in the treatment for flu and is very easy to digest, especially for the elderly.