Practical and easy to prepare: just add hot water
is ready in 1 minute. You can consume the instant soup
in any situation: in office, traveling, at home or outdoors.
You can drink at any time of the year


The best snack in the world!
Quick and easy flavor and wholesomeness,
Any time of day, all year round.

Try a portable single-serve soup each day a different flavour
Soupercups is a brand new concept: a portable soup that provides everything- flavour, nourishment and convenience.
Ready in just 1 minute, Soupercups provides all the wholesome goodness of food prepared each day in keeping with tradition, for the health well-being of both body and spirit.

Each Soupercups flavor is healthy,
Tasty and light!

Suitable for any age group:
Children, adults and seniors!

Mens sana in corpore sano
A healthy mind is one that stays active in a healthy body, and our organism stays healthy when it benefits from all the necessary nutriments provided by a balanced way of eating.
Do yourself a healthy favor and start enjoying Soupercups! Great taste and low-calorie content – around 100 calories – Soupercups hits the spot for staying concentrated and full of energy all day long: a wide range of soup products, broken down by taste and benefical properties.
Choose the one that appeals to you most and try the new way of enjoying a quick lunch or mid-day snack. Fun and easy to carry around, lightweight and nutritious.
Suitable for every season and any age.

Tasty, healthy and creamy smooth: Uhm, uhm good!
Each Soupercups flavor packs a surprise: try them all!


SOUPERCUPS tasty, low in calories,
Without preservatives, colorings and monosodium glumate added.

The ready-made instant soup to drink is convenient
And avoids waste, it retains up to 12 month

Ready-made instant soup to drink:
SOUPERCUPS is ideal for those who work or study
And are always on move and eat outside.
SOUPERCUPS offers a healthy and light alternative
to the usual fast meals: for lunch, dinner or snack.


Supercups choice of human resources can be found in the principles of respect for people and expertise, constant evaluation of people skills and respect of equality among people and genders. Each person working has his own universe of knowledge and expertise essential for building a common project to create innovation and wellness and able to generate culture.

In Soupercups each person is the most important value and the person as well is the element on which we constantly stake in order to manage every company activity. We strongly believe that company process cannot be influenced only by the macroeconomics dynamics free from considering the human value, but that the real business management skill is directly proportioned to the ability of create value taking care of women and man who daily act into the company listening to them. The Human resources value improvement and the mission sharing cannot generate nothing but wellness and added value for the company as a whole.

We are endless looking to create energy to breathe into our company through a challenge that considers and keeps together differences among talents, share the knowledge and combine everyone strength.

People and professionalism, the constant evaluation of everyone's potential capacity, equality between individuals and genders: these are the principles that inspire the choice of the human factor in Soupercups. Every person who works is the bearer of a universe of knowledge and sensitivity essential for the construction of a common project capable of bringing innovation and well-being, and of generating culture